January 4, 2010

moRel Value ariNi:

ape yg berlaku dr ari ke ari byk
mengajar iqa mcm2 bnda..
xleh nk denied la kdg2 kte leka dgn ape yg kte bt,
kte lupa where we are n who's around us????

but today,i got sumtin dat i should know from the beginning..
n be alert of it 24 hours a day!!!

firstly,jgn amek tahu ape yg xptot kte thu..
unless,people told us.

second,jgn amek,pgg n tgk brg org even dgn org yg kte knl rpt..
kn ada permision dlu unless they told u sO..!

lastly,entry ni not for condem anyone or anygrup but
utk remind me

tO kwn:

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