January 18, 2018

Jalan-jalan 2015.Sweet memory 2015.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

2016 dah 21 berlalu.Banyak planning vacation tp satu pon tak dapat confirmation lagi.Since aku pon sekarang tengah tunggu nak viva so selagi aku tak viva, tak buat correction and tak submit hard cover thesis,makanya NO vacation.

Suppose,reward vacation sempena abis masters is Medan. Tp,since AA banyak kali reschedule flight kami decide to refund the tix.Syukur dapat full refunds!

2015 taun paling banyak aku berjalan even 2015 taun critical aku as masters student bt research. Itu tak termasuk balik kampung setiap 2 bln sekalior sebulan sekali and jalan-jalan Kota Bharu,Rantau Panjang etc.


Kuantan nih 1st trip 2015.Masa ni aku mula-mula thesis writing.Masa tu kepala semak betul.Stress,so pujuk-pujuk husband jalan dekat-dekat je.Mula2 ingat nak pegi cameron highland tp rasa jauh sbb jalan dia berliku kan..Last2 decide ke Kuantan sbb terliur sgt org dok share Ana Ikan Bakar Petai Tanjung Lumpur.Walaupon agak last minit,sempat lagi book hotel via Booking.com.Trip ni mmg trip makan-makan..Nak ke Tanjung Lumpur tp tak jumpa pulak kedai yg dicari.Last2 benti kat satu kedai ni,sbb nampak org ramai.Alhamdulillah dpt makan sata.otak2 paling sedap.Then melepaskan craving pd Subway.Otw balik ke dungun singgah makan2 sata dan otak2 lagi kat Kuala Kemaman.Sata kt Kuantan lg sdap btw.hehe

Hotel Arena Batik where we stayed for one night

Went to Cherating also

Sata at Warung Aziz Sata


Dan cerita krabi di sini dan sini.

Kuala Lumpur-August

Bukit Tinggi-Karak-August

Kuala Lipis-September


2017 and my wonderful journey.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

My one and only post in 2017 is about a year ago when I just registered my Ph.D. study.

2017 had been wonderful years for me not just as a student but as a wife as well as a person.

As a wife, 2017 had been a very challenging year for me.And for my husband too. We had started back our long-distance marriage again after 2 wonderful years we had before. Going back and forth from Besut to Kuantan once in 2 weeks had made my Ph.D. journey more colorful. This is where I learned to be more independent and prioritize my responsibility between spouse, parents, and study.

As a person, I learned to love myself. My balanced and healthy diet journey started in February. Thru this journey I had met so many kind-hearted people. They are different with my friends.They came in so many backgrounds. But we have one life's objectives which are to be fit, healthy and slim. After all, I lost 9kg for 11months. What an achievement for myself. But the journey will never end.

Leaving 2017, I'm still not a mother. However, I never gave up. We never gave up.

After all, I feel blessed on what I had today. A loving husband, parents, siblings, and relatives.

2018, I hope for more cheerful life. Nur Syafiqah had to be more patient and strong.

Thanks for having me here.

Till next.


March 13, 2017

PhD journey

Assalamualaikum wbt lovelies...

I am back! The first post ever 2017.

And I'm proudly announced I'm officially a PhD student. Registered on 17hb Feb 2017 accompanied by my love husband.

July 27, 2016

Cerita HOT Raya 2016

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hi guys..How are u doing so far? It's not too late to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA all. Mintak ampun dan maaf if my words here hurts some of u or annoy u. Kosong-kosong?

So, tahun ni turn raya kampung husband!So far kami still follow the rule/turn. Secara kebetulan jugak MIL admitted in HUSM Kubang Kerian for 24 days. Then, a day before raya baru boleh balik. So,kami tak adelah rushing2 untuk balik raya. Raya tahun ni sangat berbeza.Its not raya sahaja tapi puasa sebab mostly tak dpt buka puasa kat umah.Most of the day berbuka dgn family di hospital.But its okay.New experience.

Lets get back to the main story.

Hari raya sememangnya hari yg kita tunggu dan ternanti2 every year.Tak sabar nk berkumpul adik beradik dan family.Jumpa sepupu sepapat jauh pon time raya lah kan.Dalam suka tu for person like me ada jugak rasa berdebar.Terutama bila kita nak jumpa sedara mara yg kita dah tahu bakal tanya soalan maut.Rasa kalau boleh xnak pegi beraya umah beliau.

My story is...

Since my MIL just back home from hospital, so tetamu yg dtg beraya kt umah MIL sgt ramai.The consequence is i dan hubby dont have so much chance to go beraya. So i feel a bit secure.

Tp,believe it or not manusia ni unpredictable.

I dont want to mention who he/she is. And i wont tell the whole conversation here. But, the sentences that make me mad (but in control) are...

'Jangan salahkan Tuhan.Salahkan diri sendiri sebab tak berusaha dapat anak!'

It was a conversation between him/her and my husband but i coincidently came in.

I dont know what my husband reply back but i said to him/her,

'I will not announce to people what i do, what are our efforts. And how come to said kami tak berusaha hanya kerana kami masih belom dikurniakan zuriat?'

That person keep in silence afta that.

And i got mad for that 2 minutes only.hahaha

Listen people,

Dont be so judgemental.Awak tak tahu apa yg kami lalui hari2..Awk tak tahu ape yg insan2 seperti kami lalui hari2 until anak2 awk sendiri or urself sendiri alami.Believe me!Awk tak tahu dah berapa ribu duit kami habis untuk rawatan,ubat dan supplement.So,please dont judge.

Paling sedih..yg bagi statement maut tu pernah alami hal yg sama.

SEE.....manusia mudah lupa KAN?

Till then...see yah!

June 1, 2016

Holla..5 months post.

Assalamualaikum wbt..

How your half year? Mine is as follows:

1) January-its New Year,New Resolutions? Forward what had left behind. In January i still waiting for a date for my viva-voce. And one of my master-mate already done her viva voce on 17th..And im still waiting.Poor me.But lifes must go on.

2)February-Report duty on 15th in UMP Pekan.Its also a short gateway for me before viva voce as I already got the date of viva voce on 23rd. Okay.What a release after viva.But it is a day to remember for my entire life. A bit tragedy for me but it also a turning point for me to improve myself.Thanks ALLAH. HE just ring me up that I still have a long journey to catch up..and many more knowledges and experiences to dig in.

3)March-All i do is my thesis corrections.I do it slowly since i have extra time.Hahaha.Overall it is about thesis corrections since i cant mesmerize anything else except going back and forth to the campus/lab.Then at the end of March i met my examiner.Phew everything goes well.She just like what i'm doing so far and of course some extra correction needed.

4)April-Continuously doing my correction. And i started helping my SIL doing her catering jobs.Plus had a few meeting with examiners to see my progress.And lastly i got her approval on 25th.

5)May-My month,Our month.My 27th birthday on 16th and our 3rd anniversary on 25th. Double celebrate it in one special dinner.Finally on 25th i got approval from PPS to do hardcover for my thesis after few formatting correction with Dr.Wan.Yeahhh.Alhamdulillah. And not to forgot..i had a mock teaching interview which i believe i dont get the job..

6)June-????Its Ramadhan.

That's all..
Thanks for reading.Do drop any comments if you are interested on any topic i wrote about.