April 13, 2011

blog CLOSE!but still in consideration.


tgk lah bila student mcm aku manage blog!hampeh.
sunyi tanpa gelak tawa dr kata-kata.
lately,i'm very hectic.i'm not yet a final year student
and not yet in final semester.
yes!tired.but i'm almost at the end of my study
REGRET for the thing i do now?
don't be a loser!
system?research?study?practical?friends?love one?problems?
FACE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

this is ABSOLUTELY NOT me!!!!!!
i'm so different for what am i in the past 2 or 3 semester..
DAMN mySELF!!!!!!!!!


haziQah said...

it's a preparation 4 all of u to be tough in final year n semester
dun give up my dear
i know u can do it well
gud luck :)

hehe btw..ktorg sume da rsa pe yg korg rsa..but u gonna miss it when u finish ur study :)

iQapiQa said...

kak.iQa:yes.i'll never giv up.but,sometims feel so tired.
cdgkan FYP se bleh??hehe