February 3, 2012

miss my past days.

Assalamualikum w.b.t
Semalam 1st kat tempat keje.Nothing much to do except browsing internet. Read some about ASP.net.Other than that,bersosial di internet.Frankly,rs sgt bersalah sebab all progrmmers n designers tekun buat keje but aku dok membazir bandwidth wifi ofis.And semalam supervisor is not around.So, no task to do.

Today,hopefully thr willl be any task for me. Sangat berharap!!!

Overall, this place is awesome. Even dok dlm office seperti dok dlm library.And library is better maybe. But then u feel lucky because not people get lepaking and jual ketupat as what we can see in many office in Malaysia!

Pray for my success~

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pulsowanie said...

waahhh...awk keja ape?

panduan jerawat ada di sini!