January 12, 2016

Masters Viva Voce

Assalamualaikum wbt..

How everyone?I'm doing fine.Still waiting for viva-voce.
I submitted my thesis on 8th November 2015 until now I'm still waiting for the date from PPS.

27th Dec 2015.The suggested date by PPS but both examiners can't make on that day. Then, internal examiner request on mid of Jan..I was Okay with that until external request for mid Feb.Mid Feb? I cant do that because my scholarship end on 14th Febuary. Report duty will be on 15th Feb.

And lastly, Allah tested me again. Our internal examiner said she can't make it due to his health problem. Im speechless to face this fact but I know Allah had plan the best for me.Who am I to question His plans. This is my fate.

No tear come out even though Im extremely shocked with this news. So. for now, just do some revision on my thesis.Add-on anything I think necessary.

In my life, Allah tested me with so many things. For this small thingy should I be sad?NO.Move on and enjoy to the last!

Thanks for reading.Had a nice day ahead!

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