June 1, 2016

Holla..5 months post.

Assalamualaikum wbt..

How your half year? Mine is as follows:

1) January-its New Year,New Resolutions? Forward what had left behind. In January i still waiting for a date for my viva-voce. And one of my master-mate already done her viva voce on 17th..And im still waiting.Poor me.But lifes must go on.

2)February-Report duty on 15th in UMP Pekan.Its also a short gateway for me before viva voce as I already got the date of viva voce on 23rd. Okay.What a release after viva.But it is a day to remember for my entire life. A bit tragedy for me but it also a turning point for me to improve myself.Thanks ALLAH. HE just ring me up that I still have a long journey to catch up..and many more knowledges and experiences to dig in.

3)March-All i do is my thesis corrections.I do it slowly since i have extra time.Hahaha.Overall it is about thesis corrections since i cant mesmerize anything else except going back and forth to the campus/lab.Then at the end of March i met my examiner.Phew everything goes well.She just like what i'm doing so far and of course some extra correction needed.

4)April-Continuously doing my correction. And i started helping my SIL doing her catering jobs.Plus had a few meeting with examiners to see my progress.And lastly i got her approval on 25th.

5)May-My month,Our month.My 27th birthday on 16th and our 3rd anniversary on 25th. Double celebrate it in one special dinner.Finally on 25th i got approval from PPS to do hardcover for my thesis after few formatting correction with Dr.Wan.Yeahhh.Alhamdulillah. And not to forgot..i had a mock teaching interview which i believe i dont get the job..

6)June-????Its Ramadhan.

That's all..
Thanks for reading.Do drop any comments if you are interested on any topic i wrote about.

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