October 6, 2011

my 8 dreamList

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan hai peepso.

yeaahhh.arini tak subuk sangat dah.proposal da settle.Then,wait for presentation this becoming monday.hope to face it smoothly.Amin..7th semester!almost a month be a super senior means that last semester for me in campus.bye UniSZA!cewaahh.next year will be post graduate student if i've mood to continue study.if not just waiting for angkatan meminang.hahahahaha

Here are my dream list before i graduate next year.doa for me okey.love u all.bye!

  1. Get 1st class honours for my degree.hope so!
  2. 'someOne' fiancee to be
  3. get a job
  4. my FYP success
  5. Wanna meet 'someOne' families officially
  6. bring 'someOne' to meet my families officially
  7. get a hand necklace by my ownself
  8. leSs crying.
*no 8 sounds nonsense but truely a cry a lot sometime for no reason.
*thanks for reading
**keyBoard off

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