November 17, 2014

2nd semester of Master of Science

Oh hai..and Assalamualaikum wbt.

It's already 5 rainy days in my place.It's a 'winter' time for Malaysia.So, a bit hard to go to campus/lab. Working from home is the best solution for now.haha

So,now I'm in second semester for my Master study.Currently working on the experiment and still trying to have a better understanding on RST. Since I need to add something 'different' in my research. Then,reading journals is my 'hobby' now.kekeke. It's been awhile I'm not reading books of my interest. So,journals,proceeding papers is now my reading of interest.Goshhh

Planning to complete my experiment at the end of this semester on Feb. I think my progress is bot slow.I need to put extra effort to catch up the timelines.And starting next semester I should proceed with writing thesis and notice submission at the end of third semester. The forth one should be my last semester and my viva voce yaww.Pray for me okay.

The thing is i need to complete my viva voce quickly so that I'm able to attend spring admission for my PHD hopefully!Where?Maybe USA.But I wish I can go to UK. So far I had been told that UMP will sponsor for my master and for PHD is not confirm yet.But the possibility is higher. I'm already get excited.hehe.That's always be me...

To be continued...

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