November 14, 2014

Master of Computer Science

Hi assalamualaikum wbt...

After long hiatus,today i decided to write something about my current life.And for now and onwards i will write my post in English..Wohoooo!!!WHY?Got some reasons there.

First and foremost,i'm not sure that it is been told here that currently i'm furthering my study in Master of Science Computer.Where?Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Tembila Campus.Yes my previous university when i did my Bachelor?Why same university?First,it is situated at Besut which is where i stay now with husband. Yeah i stay with husband and his family.:)

I'm doing my research on Rough Set Theory (RST) basically it is part on KDD (Knowledge Data Discovery) and Data Mining.I'm not like other Master's candidates which already had their own interest before doing Master. I'm not choosing RST but my research in under FRGS grantt. But Data Mining field is always be my favorite since Bachelor Degree study. Frankly, I had problems to understand the title and theory itself but "There's a will,there's a Way".Alhamdulillah I'm doing well so far.:). In my first semester I already wrote one review paper.So, currently I'm doing my experiment on chosen data set. And i complete my proposal defend presentation last week.

Next is since I'm doing my master research under FRGS grant automatically I'm Research Assistant for my supervisor. Been paid allowance monthly but for sure it is less than i earn before.But alhamdulillah it is more than enough for a living cost in Besut. Besides, I also applied Education Loan with MARA. RA allowance + MARA allowance it is equal to fresh grad salary in KL yaw. hahahaha

To be continued...

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