January 18, 2018

2017 and my wonderful journey.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

My one and only post in 2017 is about a year ago when I just registered my Ph.D. study.

2017 had been wonderful years for me not just as a student but as a wife as well as a person.

As a wife, 2017 had been a very challenging year for me.And for my husband too. We had started back our long-distance marriage again after 2 wonderful years we had before. Going back and forth from Besut to Kuantan once in 2 weeks had made my Ph.D. journey more colorful. This is where I learned to be more independent and prioritize my responsibility between spouse, parents, and study.

As a person, I learned to love myself. My balanced and healthy diet journey started in February. Thru this journey I had met so many kind-hearted people. They are different with my friends.They came in so many backgrounds. But we have one life's objectives which are to be fit, healthy and slim. After all, I lost 9kg for 11months. What an achievement for myself. But the journey will never end.

Leaving 2017, I'm still not a mother. However, I never gave up. We never gave up.

After all, I feel blessed on what I had today. A loving husband, parents, siblings, and relatives.

2018, I hope for more cheerful life. Nur Syafiqah had to be more patient and strong.

Thanks for having me here.

Till next.


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